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On a warm summer morning, the last thing I want is to be sweating even more than I already am because I’m drinking something hot. No thanks!!

Cold brew IS MY JAM in the summer.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m all about hot coffee, but I just can’t do it when my body temperature is already above optimal temperature. 70-72’F to be exact. ;D

Those that know me well know I’m a Peet’s girl. Hot, iced, cold brew… I’ll take any of it. Just not Starbucks.

No thank you.

I will not subject myself to the burnt coffee that is Charbucks. See what I did there?

If you drink coffee black, you know what I mean. If you put all the fancy, sugary shit in your coffee, you probably have no idea what I’m talking about.

Anyways… Back to cold brew.

I am a HUGE fan of cold brew coffee for a number of reasons, but the main one being it’s smooth and bold taste. It’s brewed differently from hot and iced coffee and tastes more natural and earthy to me.

Cold brew coffee is not iced coffee guys! 

The main difference between cold brew and iced coffee is how it’s made. Cold brew coffee is steeped in cold, filtered water typically for at least 24 hours. It’s never heated up and it’s less acidic and less bitter.

Iced-coffee is brewed much like hot coffee and is made by bringing water to a boil, then cooled, ice added, whatever other fancy things you like. It’s more acidic and bitter. It’s essentially regular coffee poured over ice, so it’s likely watered down.

MIND BLOWN, right? 

I’ve had a lot of requests about how I make my cold brew coffee and I’m going to share my super simple cold brew process with you!

Here we go!!…

You’re going to want to purchase some sort of cold brew coffee maker or you can figure out a do-it-yourself method. But you’re on your own with that!

I bought this bad boy a year ago, and love it!

First, you’ll need to grind the beans until they are pretty fine.

image_123986672 (6)

Then fill up the filter until about 1/4-1/2 an inch from the top to prevent overflow. DO NOT PACK DOWN THE GRINDS. If you do this, the water will have a really hard time filtering through and it will also take you a bajillion years to fill up this cold brew maker.

Yes, bajillion is actually a word in Merriam-Webster, confirmed by my love Danny. Thanks babe <3

image_123986672 (5)

Once your coffee grinds are in place, start pouring filtered water over the grinds. Be careful not to overflow so you don’t end up with grinds in your coffee. Yuck!

image_123986672 (4)

Be patient!

The water will take a decent amount of time to go through the grinds and filter. Perfect time to do the dishes or cook some dinner while you’re adding more water to the grinds and waiting for the carafe to fill up!

Once your cold brew maker is full, throw that bad boy in the fridge for AT LEAST 24 hours to steep. I typically let mine sit 24-48 hours.

When you’re ready to get after your cup-o-joe, make sure you stir the cold brew in the carafe first. Most of the concentrated coffee will have sunk to the bottom of the carafe.

Add some ice and…


Enter a caption

Some tidbits on cold brew coffee…

Benefits of Cold Brew Coffee:

  • Produces less stomach acid
    • N-methylpyridinium is the compound that prevents stomach acid build up
    • Unlike hot brewed coffee, cold brew is not dependent on the roast type
  • Less acid in coffee overall
    • Low brewing temp inhibits extraction of acidic substances
  • Antioxidants: chlorogenic acid
    • Low temp preserves antioxidants
  • Less cafestol and kahweol
    • Responsible for LDL production
  • Lower caffeine content
    • Hot coffee 60mg caffeine per 100g
    • Cold brew 40mg per 100g

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