Well HELLOOOOO FRIDAYYYY you beautiful ball of radiant sunshine you!! We need to talk. It took you way too long to get here and as a native New Yorker I don’t appreciate wait times. 1 second too long and I start throwing death stares. And your death stare count exceeded maximum capacity about two days ago. Don’t do that shit again.

It’s not officially my last day at the equine hospital, that day is Sunday at 11:59pm, BUT sometimes I don’t get called in on the weekends, so I might get lucky. MIGHT. I will miss it here though. I absolutely love being outside for the majority of my day working with horses, as opposed to small animal clinics where you are stuck inside all day. Some people don’t mind it, but it’s definitely not for me.


Then it’s on to my next adventure… the North American Veterinary Licensing Exam (NAVLE), which I will be taking on November 14th. ::shudders:: I have no rotations booked between Sunday at 11:59pm and then. Sounds super awesome to have a month and a half off, right? But I literally have every day (and hour) of that month and a half scheduled out, cause I AIN’T TAKING A 7 HOUR EXAM AGAIN. Yeah, you heard right. 7 hours. I will conquer you once Sir NAVLE. Then you can GTFO.

I’m super stoked to spend a few hours a day on the business though. I have to take study breaks at some point right?? I haven’t had a lot of time since July to design any new pieces or even keep up with the social media end of it because of rotations. But get excited because I will have a bunch of new pieces coming to the shop very soon!! In the meantime, here is one of my first necklaces, which is still available in the shop! It’s super cute, YOU NEED IT.

Shut The Front Door Necklace



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