Has it really been 3 months since I’ve written a blog post?!?! A LOT has happened since then and I’ve been gracefully trying to get my life back together after things kind of fell apart…

Over the last three months, I completed both of my board exams and passed (!!!!!), got a few more rotations out of the way, lost a family member and had my heart broken by the love of my life. Overall, I’m handling what has been thrown at me pretty well. It has not been easy by any means, but I’ve had a lot of ‘me’ time that I desperately needed after months 0f board exam hell. I’m starting to feel more like myself again and unfortunately, it’s been a few years since I’ve felt this way.

Vet school is hard. I took it very seriously and put a ton of pressure on myself to get good grades. My grades were always pretty average and I busted my ass to be average. But it didn’t come without consequences. It literally sucked the happiness right out of me. I look back at pictures of my first quarter of vet school versus pictures within the last 6 months and I can see such a huge difference in my demeanor. My happy, bubbly, outgoing self slowly faded over the last few years. I was so stressed out and anxious that it got to the point where I couldn’t turn it off anymore. I became bitter and unhappy as a result.

Now that my board exams are over and I’ve passed both of them, I feel a HUGE weight lifted off of my shoulders. I’m less stressed and finding my rotations much more enjoyable. So enjoyable that I am now considering taking a position as a shelter medicine veterinarian after a wonderful month in January traveling around the Bay Area for my shelter medicine rotation. Who would have thought?! The research girl who wanted nothing to do with clinical medicine is now seriously considering being a clinician. And I’m excited about it! 😀

But holy bejesus I am going to be a veterinarian in 2.5 months!


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