Wow, talk about time moving fast… I’m heading into my last week of my rotation at UC Davis, how crazy is that? Almost seven rotations down and only one more to go before graduation is here, and boy it is coming QUICK!

My rotation at Davis this month has been relatively laid back which has given me a lot of time to think about what I am going to be doing with my life. I thought I had my career all planned out at one point, but literally every week it seems to be changing. At this point, I’ve stopped stressing about it. I have plenty of backup plans in place, so I’m just going to enjoy the last few weeks of vet school and take it all in. Life is too short to not enjoy the journey.

One thing that I have been doing a crazy amount of lately is networking. After my preceptor at UC Davis suggested that I pursue a career in laboratory animal medicine instead of my long term plan of research, I kind of lost my shit. And for the record, his reasoning was pretty legit. However, I felt like my world was turned upside down because it made sense, but at the same time, I felt incredibly behind. I’d need to do a lab animal residency, but applications were due last November. I immediately started emailing programs to see if there were still any open positions, but a few days later I was like, stop. Just stop. A residency isn’t something you just decide is the right thing to do one day. I need to really stop and think about this.

While I’ve been thinking, I’ve also been doing a lot of talking. Networking, as the kids like to call it. It’s actually felt really good reaching out to people, getting career advice and making connections. I’ve learned a lot about what’s out there, whether that something is what I want to do or not. I’ve learned not to corner myself and have tunnel vision, but instead to be open to all of the possibilities. In doing so, I’ve found myself interviewing for some really exciting positions in the world of clinical medicine. So who knows what will happen in the next few months…

In the meantime, I have a lab animal medicine rotation coming up in April at UC Berkeley, so I’m excited to get in there and fully immerse myself in it. Maybe it will help me decide if a lab animal medicine career is for me. Maybe it won’t. But what I have realized is that I don’t have to know what I want to be when I grow up at this very second. I’ve struggled with this and broken down into full blown tears about this countless times throughout my vet school journey. That’s just what life is though, a journey. Just because I want to be working in industry ‘when I grow up’, doesn’t mean it’s going to happen tomorrow or at all. So as of now, I’m thinking about taking the next year to work in a veterinary clinic and see where it takes me. Maybe I’ll love it and my dream of working in industry won’t even be a thought anymore. Maybe I’ll be sending in lab animal residency applications in 6 months. Who knows.

What I do know is that I am going to start enjoying every experience I am given from this day forward and taking advantage of all that the experience has to offer. But at this moment, no, I don’t have to know what I want to be when I grow up…


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