I think I lost count of the number of tequila shots I accumulated that night after numero ocho (that’s ‘number eight’ if you’re wondering). I’m fairly certain there may have been one or two more, but I’m really not 100% on that… I mean, if you put the tequila in front of the girl, she’s gonna drink it, amiright??

My boyfriend and I spent a few days in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico for his best friends wedding. For reals though, the tequila was awesome. They served 1800 Anejo Tequila all night, and this reckless tequila lush was throwing them back like water. The pour service was legit too. The second my shot glass was empty, the waiter was all over it. I’m not even playing. My boyfriend was chaperoning, or shall we say ‘being the responsible one’, so I let loose! For the record though, I rarely ever drink. Prior to this occasion, the last alcoholic drink I consumed was at the end of November at another wedding, so roughly 5 months ago. Special occasions only my friends!

Ok, enough about tequila… Let me start from the beginning. So we left for San Miguel de Allende, Mexico on Wednesday at the ass crack of dawn. Why? I don’t know, but you could bet I was bitching about breakfast and coffee before my feet hit the floor. If there’s anything I’m high maintenance about, it’s food. What I eat and when I eat it. I meal prepped for the entire day except for dinner. And I packed lots of paleo friendly snacks like almond butter packets, epic bars, tuna packets, Lara bars and baby food squeeze packs of fruits and veggies. We checked into Hotel La Casona by late afternoon and obviously made our way straight to the grocery to stock up on necessities like fresh fruits and veggies before I started panicking about the scarce food situation (which by the way was not scarce at all considering all the snacks I packed #foodhoarder). For the rest of the evening, we grabbed some food at a cute little spot near the hotel and promptly crashed around 9pm like the old people that we are.

Thursday, we were up semi-early for a jog and CrossFit-style workout in the park! We did an AMRAP style workout for 30 mins and then walked around to explore and check out some of the little shops around town. In the evening, we walked around the main romantic little town of San Miguel, grabbed some dinner and met up with friends for drinks. Naturally, I bailed around 8:30pm because I’m an old lady. But really, I love waking up early and enjoying peaceful mornings. It’s such a great feeling to start out my day slowly and feel rested and refreshed. AND the rest of my day doesn’t feel rushed. Anyone else love a slow, quiet morning?



As soon as we got to San Miguel, everyone was telling us how beautiful Guanajuato is and that we NEED to check it out. We decided to make a day of it on Friday. AFTER, we got another quick 20-minute AMRAP in that morning, duh. Then we spent the afternoon with friends in the beautiful city of Guanajuato. We checked out a museum, which was janky AF. I think it was supposed to be a spooky type of tour. There was a part where we got into an old ass wooden elevator that was super unstable and it was going to take us down to a mine for the remainder of the tour. As soon as I stepped in, it started wobbling, shaking and creaking. I was out of that thing faster than you could blink. My cleithrophobia (fear of being trapped – in case you were wondering) was STRONG. Turns out, it was a fake elevator and just stayed in one place but shook, made some noise and flashed some lights that were supposed to make you feel scared that you were going down into this mine and would never come back up. NO WAY JOSE. I’m really ok with missing out on that part because I’m pretty positive I would have either peed my pants or cried. Or probably both. We then made our way to an area above the city with the most BEAUTIFUL views.


Saturday was wedding day and boy was I in for a treat. They DO. NOT. PLAY. when it comes to wedding celebrations in Mexico. The wedding ceremony didn’t even start until 6pm and ended around 4am! We decided to spend our Saturday morning just relaxing instead of working out and grabbed some breakfast at a cute little restaurant near the hotel. I think we spent about 2 hours there just eating, relaxing and talking about all things LIFE. Aren’t those conversations the best?! The rest of the day we relaxed and prepped for a LONG night. Especially because we’re old souls who typically are in bed no later than 9pm. But to be fair, we both get up no later than 4am on our work days. Anyways, the wedding ceremony was held at a beautiful church in San Miguel and the reception was back at the hotel, which was super convenient. Dinner was amazing and everything I don’t eat, but I made the decision prior to this trip to step away from my clean eating lifestyle for one night because… WEDDING CAKE. But really, I eat so clean all the time, it’s ok to splurge every now and then. I did feel like shit for a good 5 straight days afterward, but whatevs. That’s why it doesn’t happen often, at all. The wedding was beautiful. We laughed, we danced and we had a wonderful time.

IMG_0059 (1)

We initially booked our flight home with the intentions of getting back relatively early on Sunday so we could make sure we were both prepared for work. So we danced until about 3am, packed our bags, and hopped in a cab at 4am to get to the airport. I was PASSED OUT during the entire car ride and still feeling the tequila by the time we got to the airport around 5am. Then we made our sleepless journey back home to the Bay Area

It was such a relaxing and fun trip, but I think I’ll be taking a long break from the tequila after this one…

♥️ Shannon Edith

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