I mostly use these 3 strategies to help get me motivated to go for a run however, these tips can also be used for working out no matter what fitness program or sport you are doing. Because let’s face it. When you’re home, lounging around in your comfy clothes and you’re the only one holding yourself accountable, it can be hard to get moving!

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Here are 3 tips that I use all the time when I need to get a run in, but just can’t find the motivation to get off yo lazy ass…

1 – Put on your running gear

Most of the time just wearing my workout clothes around the house gets me in the mindset and primes my body to let it know, ‘we’re going to be moving soon’.

2 – Throw your favorite workout playlist on

Some good music is enough to get me pumped up and in the mood to get after some endorphins. Especially workout songs that I’m loving at the moment. I’ll connect my phone to my Bluetooth speaker and start doing some housework as a great ‘mental warm-up’. Workout clothes on, moving around the house and music to get me pumped usually do the trick to help me find that motivation.

3 – Put your headphones on and go for a walk outside

If I’m still really not feeling it after doing steps 1 and 2, I’ll start with a walk. Sometimes the hardest part though is taking that initial step through the front door. You’re comfortable in your house, you just want to lounge around, and crossing the threshold of THE FRONT DOOR to exercise can be difficult! If you tell yourself, ‘I’m just going to start with a walk and see how I feel’, sometimes just getting out of the house and getting fresh air can be motivating. Then I’ll start with a light jog and just go for a fun run. Most of the time starting out with a slow jog is enough to get me into a full run after a mile or so.

If you’re still not feeling it after trying these 3 steps, maybe today is just meant for a light recovery run or a brisk walk. Be easy on yourself. The more you push your body and mind when it’s not ready, the more likely you will not enjoy your run and the more likely you will not be able to make it a routine. Consistency is key and part of staying consistent is making sure that you ENJOY doing it.

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Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m about to go get myself motivated! 😀

<3 Shannon Edith


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